Product range

50 types of canned goods.

150 types of sausage products and ready-to-cook food.

Stewed beef from Buryatmyasprom LLC is well known throughout Russia and has become a real brand not only of the enterprise, but also of the region.

The quality and taste of our products has remained original for decades. The secret is in traditions and selected raw meat from Mongolia and Buryatia.

Quality control and safety

We are 100% confident in the quality and safety of our products. We have our own certified and licensed laboratory. Each batch undergoes internal control and microbiological studies in strict accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

The enterprise is certified according to the international system of quality control and safety of products ISO-22000, which allows us to supply our products all over the world.

The company operates a food safety management system HACCP 22000, which allows us to monitor all stages of production on a daily basis.

Modern equipment

We follow new technologies and regularly update / modernize equipment. In 2013, an innovative high-tech meat-processing complex was commissioned, equipped with the latest production lines from Germany, France, Austria, and Italy.

Reliable team

Professionalism and dedication to the company have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of our employees continue to do their jobs for 20, 30 and 40 years. Every day, 500 employees do what they love and believe in.

We value our employees and try to create the best working conditions for them. We provide a full social package, summer holidays for children and spa treatment. We organize sports and cultural events every year.

We take care of every employee. We support families and children in difficult life situations, provide products for charitable organizations. We provide material aid and food rations to WWII veterans.

Ulan-Ude meat-packing plant was founded. This is the first meat processing plant in Siberia and the Russian Far East. The People's Commissar of the Food Industry of the USSR oversees the construction personally.
During the Great Patriotic War (WW II), 500 workers of the plant go to the front, women and children work at the plant.
The Banner of the State Defense Committee was handed over to the Ulan-Ude Combine for eternal storage for its great contribution to the provision of food to the Red Army and the Navy.
The enterprise is one of the largest enterprises in the country. The volume of canned food produced in Ulan-Ude is 10% of the total volume of the country's gross product.
The enterprise is being modernized. 184 units of new equipment, 80 units of mechanized in-shop transport were assembled, 10 flow-mechanized lines of the main production were introduced. Headcount increased to 2,500 employees.
The enterprise was awarded the highest state award - the Order of V.I. Lenin for the early fulfillment of the seven-year plan, the introduction of new equipment and technology, the achievement of high technical and economic indicators. The plant was awarded one of the first among the enterprises of the country's meat industry.
Ulan-Ude meat-packing plant is one of the top-5 enterprises of the country's meat industry in terms of production volume. The number of employees has grown to 4000 people.
The enterprise was recognized as the winner of the review competition of the Ministry of Meat and Dairy Food Products and the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Food Industry Workers.
Reconstruction, modernization and expansion of the industrial and technical base of the plant is underway. Meanwhile, the geography of sales is expanding. Canned food is delivered throughout the country, as well as to Japan, Vietnam, Angola, Mongolia and Cuba.
The country is undergoing a period of perestroika and fundamental changes. Rising prices, food shortages, unemployment. The plant begins to rebuild its work under new market conditions.
The enterprise begins to build sales of products, taking into account the preferences of consumers. Marketing service established. The correct sales and promotion strategy allows the company to take a leading position in the sale of canned food in Siberia and the Far East of Russia.
The enterprise again starts supplying products to law enforcement agencies. Buryatmyasprom became a laureate in the "Rescue Means" nomination for the production of high-quality products for the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
A line for vacuum packaging of products was put into operation. The shelf life of products has increased 5-8 times.
The company's management decides to build a new complex. Buryatmyasprom and the Government of the Republic of Buryatia sign an agreement on cooperation on the implementation of the investment project "Modernization and construction of a meat processing complex".
However, production does not stop during construction, and the company fulfills all its obligations to customers.
A turning point. Opening of a new meat processing complex "Buryatmyasprom", the largest enterprise in Siberia and the Russian Far East. Annual production capacity: 36 million canned goods, 5000 tons of sausages, 1250 tons of ready-to-cook products, 6000 tons of simultaneous storage of raw meat.
Buryatmyasprom celebrates its 80th anniversary. The company coped with the difficult tests in the history of the country with dignity and adjusted to the new realities. The renewed enterprise continues to preserve the traditions of quality that were established in 1937.
Buryatmyasprom is in the "top league" of manufacturing companies. New equipment for the production of pate in lamister packaging is being put into operation.


Diplomas and medals are evidence of the recognition of the professional community. We usually participate in industry exhibitions and have repeatedly win quality competitions.