Why do buyers choose us?

  • The meat is ecologically clean and very tasty: the products are made from ecologically clean meat from ecologically clean regions of the Russian Federation and Mongolia.
  • Sales leader "Stewed beef" (GOST 32125-2013) has been awarded more than 30 times at Russian and international exhibitions for HIGH QUALITY. Only in our product, the broth is golden, concentrated and aromatic, and meat retains its structure due to the use of high-quality raw materials and traditional canning technologies.
  • Even the most inexpensive product in our range has the highest quality for this price segment.

Why do regular customers appreciate us and new customers choose us?

  • The demand for our products is growing every year.
  • We always fulfill our obligations to clients under contracts and agreements.
  • Our product turnover is consistently high. We give a 100% guarantee of high liquidity of our products with a reasonable approach to the pricing policy in your region.
  • Our employees (managers, technologists, marketers, executives) provide comprehensive support to partner companies at the stage of product introduction into the market and in further cooperation.
  • We provide our partners with general and individual packages of commercial conditions.
  • Do you have any questions? Do you want to discuss individual terms of cooperation? Contact us